Jenny Watzka

Hi, I’m Jenny!

I help business owners who are usually trapped in relentless catch-up and overwhelm mode to streamline automated systems and workflows so that they can get ahead and achieve their future vision faster.

Before starting my own business I was working at KPMG, one of the biggest consulting firms in the world, for three years. I helped hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries overcome a diverse range of problems, ranging from supporting companies with their IPOs or mergers to consulting on the next strategic move, to evaluating a company’s worth for an upcoming sale or advising startups on starting and growing their new business ventures. I taught and implemented strategy, building and scaling a business, communication, financing, being an innovator and building a team.

Meanwhile, I realized that most companies had an essential element missing: They weren’t seeing all of their everyday tasks in the bigger picture, not applying automated workflows but heavily relying on manual tasks. Because of this team communication fails, money begins slipping through the cracks, and on top a lot of time gets wasted.

From that point on, I became determined to find permanent, realistic solutions to these problems. Turns out: I love solving complex challenges. This is what I am best at and would love to work on every single day. But, it wasn’t quite my time to leave corporate yet.

Until one day at the airport, I got a call from my mom telling me that at age 56, my dad suddenly passed away.

All in this one moment, my life completely shifted.

From then on, I knew everything needed to change. Including how I was operating in my professional life.

That’s when I knew I needed to leave my corporate job. It was no longer holding up to the high standards I set for myself, it no longer gave me the level of excitement and challenge I was looking for in my life. And ultimately, it wasn’t allowing me the room to serve clients at the capacity I knew I could.

When I quit my job, I immediately started my own consulting firm to help business owners like you grow effectively.

A business owner who finds himself constantly playing catch-up & putting out fires left and right will never own up to his true potential and role within the company: being the visionary, decision maker and leader of his company.

So, this brings us to the center of this conversation: You.

What if you could cut your workload in half and 3X your company's efficiency?

That is what we’ll do so that you - the CEO - can steer your company, set it up for future growth & serve your clients to the best standards.

How do we get there? By implementing clear systems and automated workflows, transforming you into an effective, organized leader & empowering your team to skyrocket their efficiency & performance.

But if I know you like I think I do, you might be too overwhelmed to even keep reading this page, let alone put in the real time and effort to make these shifts happen.

And this is typically where entrepreneurs throw their excuses at me.

  • “I can’t afford to set aside the time to get my business organized.”

  • “I can’t afford to slow down production.”

  • “I can’t afford to have more consistent communication with my team.”

When what you should really ask yourself is: Can you afford to keep going as you currently are?

Frankly, the answer

You are done wasting valuable hours of your days, leaving money on the table and let important tasks slip through the cracks.

It’ll ultimately cost you your company.

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm and to step into the seamless. Strategize and systematize the ins and outs of your business and set it up in a way it deserves to function.

It’s time to streamline your success. Welcome to MY zone of genius.

Chau testimonial

Chau, founder of Fresh Brand & Marketing Agency


’Working with Jenny was mind-blowing. She is such a powerhouse in anything she does and brings so much energy and knowledge to the table. She came up with the big plan, had the workflows and techniques in place to completely transform my branding business to set me up for longterm success. Her sincerity, energy and wisdom… I cannot thank you enough, Jenny!’

Zaza Testimonial

Zaza, psychologist & empowerment coach

’After only a few calls I moved my business forward more than I could’ve ever imagined to be possible. Now I have a vision, tools, structure and someone to consult with and rely on! It’s priceless for me to haver her on my team. From the first moment I spoke with her I knew that she’s the only one I want to work with and my results are confirming that I made the right choice.’