5 lessons learnt in 5 months as an entrepreneur

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‘You wouldn’t take financial advice from a broke person, would you?’ - Jenny


My 5th month in business - yay! How exciting. Especially when I realized how much I have grown and how much I have learnt. I do value all the experiences, all the so called ‘mistakes’ … I choose to see it all as a learning curve!

That’s why I wanted to summarize my 5 key lessons in 5 months of being an entrepreneur & making $50k for you. If I just help ONE person feel like they better understand what’s coming and feeling less overwhelm, than this was totally worth it.


I know I certainly didn’t want to hear this at the beginning of this journey… but yep your mindset can help you make things happen or break you. I was always a very confident person … but this is different than anything I have ever done before and thus also comes with different challenges. Fear is a real thing, fear of failure, fear of not being enough. 

So focus on your mindset, on understanding how to handle those new uncertainties, new challenges, maybe how to handle set backs or missed opportunities … that in my eyes makes a lot of sense.


Having a community and being surrounded by like minded people was life changing for me! Realizing that all my dreams are possible, that other people are already living the dream … having those people in your corner and them actually understanding what drives you is SO SO good.

This could be online or offline. I actually found coworking spaces a great place to meet some awesome entrepreneurs offline and I do have to say I miss having ‚coworkers‘ so that hanging out with people offline and working next to each others comes a little close to that! Being a solopreneur can also mean that life gets a little bit lonely (but then it is on you to change it if you feel like it!). 

GET A MENTOR IF YOU CAN (& want to move on fast!)

A mentor, a strategist, a coach … none of those are necessarily (!) needed. But oh I am so glad I did have them by my side. Why? YES I totally could have done it on my own (and I personall also believe that everyone can!) … but this would have involved me feeling overwhelmed 100% more and would especially have cost me much more time until I got things going!

Personally I knew that I wanted to get this business off the ground asap. Why? Because I wanted to prove to myself that I can actually do it. And I did - yay me for taking the courage and making some badass decisions.

{And yes I totally have a spot open for you - get in touch!}


Ooooh boy, this is a good one! I don’t think you can be a successful entrepreneur and a 100% perfectionista. I know that in my previous life I definitely had strong tendency into perfectionism. But I completely had to let go of it.

Why? Because otherwise I wouldn’t have made it far. So many new challenge, so many new things that need taken care of, mile long to do lists … yes no way that I could keep up with the standards of work that I was used to.

The amazing thing? 80% is totally great enough. And you get so much more done anyway (80/20 rule everyone!). Plus… will anyone really notice? I for sure know that I wouldn’t have launched my Facebook Group, my services, my course, my website or anything if I was still stuck in needing to have everything perfect, so thank God I had this realization early on!


Literally everyone has something to say about your business, about you being an entrepreneur and especially about you leaving your job. It is funny because I never ask random people for advice but still so many people wanted to give me their 2 cents on my business (the hairdresser, the waiter, the great grand aunt, the neighbor …. you got it!). I am sure that they all mean good… but from time to time it does get annoying. Take the advice that you feel good about and leave the rest behind. 

I personally make sure to talk to people who are already living the life I am looking to live or who already have the successful business I am looking to run. Otherwise it’s like taking financial advice from a broke person, isn’t it?

Ultimately this is YOUR baby. You are the boss, you got to decide! So go and do your thing.

What is your #1 lesson in this entrepreneurial journey?

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