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Transforming your mediocre coworking space…

into the go-to choice in your area with more profit, more fun, and more community. Let's do this!

What makes a coworking space great? Maybe even unique? How to ensure high and consistent occupancy rates? How to create raving and loyal members who love to come back day after day and tell everyone about it? How to create a great community vibe where people help each other out? 

You might have thought that having a space, desks, furniture and maybe a communal kitchen would do all of the above...

But this is far from the truth, my friend. Coworking spaces are increasingly popular, not only among millennials and remote workers but also as a business model. Next to the big chains, more and more individual spaces pop up in every city.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

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That’s where I come in!

Over the last years, I have worked out of more than 50 coworking spaces internationally as a Growth Consultant. This - and my background in corporate consulting - give me a unique perspective on the industry.

I have seen it all: Miami, NYC, San Francisco, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Cape Town, Bali, Ho Chi Minh - to name a few. The good and superb but also the average and the ugly. I’ve seen first hand how coworking spaces can be increasing their members, inspiring community engagement and becoming the go-to choice in their area.

 What’s unfortunate is that most of these beautiful spaces run by incredibly passionate owners don’t get the attention and growth they deserve. 

The majority struggles with any (or multiple) of the following problems: non-ideal occupancy rates, high fluctuation, and low community vibe, while simultaneously being overworked and unstructured when it comes to the internal organization. 

Sign ups + internal processes + community = recipe for success!

Done worrying about sign ups? Where to even start in getting your coworking space off the ground? Who to hire? How to expand? How to not work 24/7 and still have a space that runs like a well-oiled machine? 

Agreed! And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t try to figure out everything on your own. 

Having worked with so many different spaces, I can help you get the best community vibe I saw in spaces like Bali or Berlin, paired with the smooth sales process from London and the team efficiency from Miami.

What’s most important to me? Finding the best solution for YOU and your space. 

We might work on all three areas or on just one:

  • Revenue driving activities: (automated) lead generation, marketing, structuring the sales processes so that we drive revenue and increase profitability

  • Internal organization: Streamlining workflows, clear responsibilities, seamless teamwork and communication for your staff so that we create an efficient space without the constant hustle and overwhelm

  • Community: building a strong and loyal community (one that everyone raves about and leaves your competition wondering what they are doing wrong!) so that we are actually making an impact in the entrepreneurial space


Coworking Space Consulting Jenny Watzka

Let’s find solutions to what gives you headaches during the day and leaves you worried at night and create a unique experience for your members!

What does working with me look like?


After talking to you (and possibly your team), discussing & analyzing your numbers, going through the core areas of your business, we will come up with a step-by-step approach for the identified ‘areas to improve’ and help you execute these one after the other. A no fluff, hands-on approach - we will be with you every step of the way - to driving your revenue and transforming your business and community. Of course, everything is 100% customized to what you & your space need.


Ready to take your community to the next level? 

Let’s set up a call and talk asap!