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Let’s address the elephant in the room and cut through the superficial #everythingisgreat bullshit. Shall we?

You’re seen as ‘successful’ by all conventional measures, but you know that beneath the surface your business is a, mess.

You have built something solid and profitable.

You followed through when so many others gave up.

And because of it, your friends, family and peers come to you telling you how impressive you are. They are so freakin’ proud.

But what you don’t tell them is how, deep down, you’re drowning in work, nitty gritty stuff and administration rather than freedom or empire building.

You’re swamped with never-ending projects. You’re putting out fires left and right, constantly in catch-up mode. Trying not to drown but feeling like losing more control each day.

You want to be a calm, confident and successful leader in your company. You want to grow in a sustainable, organized, predictable way.

You’re ready for consistency. Strategy. Automation. Systemized workflows.

What’s happening?

Your company grew in size and complexity BUT your company’s infrastructure didn’t grow with it.

There is NO business foundation.

And because of it, you know you’re leaving money on the table.

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm and to step into the seamless. Step up to be a leader, a decision maker, the visionary of your company. Strategize and systematize the ins and outs of your business.

Imagine if with a few tweaks to your company’s infrastructure, improved systems in place, empowered team members


▶ You could grow your business by 30% in the next 3 months

▶ Or plan your quarter out so that you knew you could spend a fraction of what you currently do on team members.

▶ Or finally sleep like a baby again because you trust that your company is running smoothly & not going up in flames any time soon.


All of that is possible for you.

And yesss I see you cringe.

You’re thinking that these shifts will be a ton of work…

And force you to sacrifice a ton of energy that you could be spending on other tasks.

Well, let me give you a news flash, friend.

You know what you REALLY don’t have time for?

Spending half your workday fixing problems caused by undertrained, under-committed team members.

You know what you REALLY don’t have time for?

Losing 25% of potential sales due to silly mistakes in your messaging, funnels and marketing assets.

And you know what you especially don’t have time for?

Trudging through each day knowing that this whole cycle of reaction, exhaustion, catch-up, frustration and daily nitty gritty is going to lead to worse than burn-out. It’s going to cost you your company.

And you sure as hell don’t have time for that!

It’s time to streamline your success. Welcome to MY zone of genius, Jenny Watzka Consulting.


I’m Jenny

I help successful business owners like you ditch the overwhelm and streamline your business. So you can focus on what really matters: your next level of success.