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‘Team members need to understand the cost of interruption. Picking up the phone and asking a question that easily could have waited a couple of hours is often the easiest solution for an employee, but not for you.’

‘When you’re starting your business, it takes planning and research, and most of all execution. You can make all of the best plans in the world, but if there is no execution on those plans your business will ultimately fail.’

‘Starting something on your own, no matter what it is, comes with challenges that are likely things you haven’t been through before, surrounding yourself with people who already live the life you are working for because they know what it’s like.’


‘Being authentic is a major key in social media. Potential clients and onlookers to your brand can spot when you are being authentic. People are smarter than ever and want someone they can trust and someone they feel connected to.’

‘A lot of entrepreneurs know the basics such as revenue per month. Being in charge, tracking profitability and other relevant KPIs means you can spot trends immediately and always be on top of decision making.’

‘Think of your selling skills as a muscle. If a runner doesn’t train regularly their muscles will not be as good as they are if they are training when it’s time for the big race. The same is true for selling.’


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JenX - Jenny’s worldwide speaking tour for entrepreneurs

Jenny is on a mission to combine passion for traveling with her passion for speaking. Having full-time traveled for over one year already & not stopping any time soon she decided to now host a workshop in every city she visits. For that she cooperates with local coworking spaces to make sure to hit the best entrepreneurial spots in the city!

Topics range from personal efficiency, to creating powerful, highly profitable teams to being a stronger leader and visionary for your company.

Check out her YouTube series about it HERE and the schedule for upcoming events HERE.

Have an event, conference or seminar coming up and looking for a speaker?

Let’s talk about it!

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What corporates can learn from startups about creating strong teams: staying behind or getting ahead 

Three main takeaways I want the audience to walk away with:

  • The detrimental mistakes that all corporates make when it comes to creating a company culture of integrity and what to do instead 

  • How to combine the creation of agile teams with traditional leadership

  • How to start implementing changes within smaller teams of the corporation without having to change the entire organisation 

There is so much that corporates can learn from the startup world about attracting and retaining top talent and creating loyal, highly performing teams to drive innovation and ultimately increase competitiveness and profitability. 

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Jenny Watzka business consultant

About Jenny

Jenny Watzka, Forbes featured and the host of the popular podcast ‘The Fearless CEO’ started her consulting business after the sudden death of her father. She focuses on helping business owners internationally ditch the daily overwhelm and grow their companies through automated workflows, internal system development, effective leadership and team optimization. 

 She is also the host of the Facebook group ‘Driven Entrepreneurs Building Online Businesses’ connecting over 1,500 entrepreneurs worldwide. She speaks at organizations like LeanIn, universities, coworking spaces, startups and corporates worldwide. 

 Previously to starting her own business, Jenny worked at the top-notch consulting firm KPMG to help with IPOs, mergers, company evaluations and strategically advised startups on strengthening and scaling various business ventures. 

 Jenny is originally from Germany, but after spending 5 years abroad for her bachelors and masters degrees, she got the travel bug and now travels full time.