Short, action-focused, easily digestible, weekly episodes all around creating and scaling your business on your own terms. Perfect mix of business strategy and mindset needed to fast track your business journey.

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Mistake #3: The selling pitfalls most entrepreneurs trap in

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What Listeners Are Saying

Personal and Uplifting

by Shannon Walbran

Jenny brings a human touch to the sometimes scary world of entrepreneurship! She talks about her fears, her roadblocks, and most importantly, how she is overcoming them. This is a great podcast for people who are ready to grow and need a helping hand and some inspiration - along with solid practical tips. 


Fearless and Practical

by LadyBoss LR

What I love about this podcast is Jenny provides great tips and information in under 30-minutes. I'm on the go all the time and I am able to get what I need in short clips that are practical and easily applicable to my business!


Yes, Yes, Yes

by revetraumatise

Your knowledge finally packed into a Podcast! Valuable advise and no boring chitcat! <3 Love it!