Episode #10

Your very first funnel: they why & how

Funnel? Lead magnet? Sales funnel? Squeeze page? Building one myself? Awww, does all of this seem overwhelming to you? Or maybe you have created a funnel before but the whole process was a disaster? Let me help you out here!

In this episode I explain to you with which funnel you should start with (the lead magnet funnel!), why this funnel is awesome and value adding to any business and how to go from not having anything to having the whole funnel build out in 5 steps! 

Yes if you are new to this, I can understand that this process is overwhelming but fear not, it can be easy and fun! And also: You don’t need to be a total tech nerd to do it! I have built several funnels myself… and yesss, I am no tech wizzard!

In the podcast I mention one of my landing pages - check it out here and obviously feel free to sign up to get learn more about selling like a boss! https://jennywatzka.clickfunnels.com/how-to-sell-guide 

As well as the blog post that summarizes this episode: https://www.jennywatzka.com/blog/lead-magnet-101 

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Jenny brings a human touch to the sometimes scary world of entrepreneurship! She talks about her fears, her roadblocks, and most importantly, how she is overcoming them. This is a great podcast for people who are ready to grow and need a helping hand and some inspiration - along with solid, practical tips.
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