Episode #11

Starting & Nurturing Your Email List

Having a well nurtured, highly engaging, ready to buy email list would be the dream! In fact, the email list is the only thing in the online world that we actually own. Any of our social media platforms can be shut down any minute … even by accident.

How to start your own email list, how to nurture and grow it - listen closely!

The sales guide I was talking about: https://jennywatzka.clickfunnels.com/how-to-sell-guide  

Email provider I use: https://mbsy.co/convertkit/43778918

Episode #10 I mentioned all about building your very first funnel: https://www.jennywatzka.com/podcast/episode10

As well as the blog post that summarizes this episode: https://www.jennywatzka.com/blog/lead-magnet-101 

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One of my fav business podcast. Jenny just always such great advice for me. Seems like she can read my mind 💪🏻 Thanks for your podcast!
— Jeanine.Hurte

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