Episode #15

6 figure business the non-scary way

Who here would love to have a (multiple) 6 figure business, as in making at least $100k a year and feels slightly overwhelmed by the thought of it? YESSS I do understand you and you are not alone.

That’s why in this short and sweet episode I will take you into the real world of building a 6 figure business. What does it take? What offers do you need? And most important: What could exemplary month of this business look like?

I will show you why it’s actually not as scary as you might think… my number one trick? Breaking things down into small chunks instead of looking at big and bold numbers!

Ready? Tune in!

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I love the bite-sized info on setting up your business and becoming the best version of yourself. Lots of easy to follow tips and exercises. On top, Jenny is a really inspirational and uplifting host
— m*nky

Jennifer WatzkaComment