Episode #3

Validating YOUR business idea

For some reason … not a lot of people talk about it? Validating your business idea? Is that not a thing anymore and we just do whatever we want, throw money at our ideas without even thinking about the fact that it might just be in our head and nobody actually needs our offers?

It’s actually easy, fun and so rewarding. In this episode I will explain to you in 5 steps how to validate your business idea, what questions to ask and what things to keep into consideration to save you loads of money and time! Two very valuable resources.

Linking the episodes I mentioned in the show, #1 on figuring out your ideal client and #2 on deeply understanding what they are needing.

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Really like the podcast. Her voice is easy to listen to and in contrast to other business podcast on this topic, it cuts out the blah blah and is really on point.
— Mailbob

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