Episode #6

How I hit $10k the first month in my business 

In this episode I wanted to take you behind the scenes of what starting my own business looked like! I reveal the different steps I took on becoming an entrepreneur and what I focused on  - going from wantrepreneur to actually money making entrepreneur … and also why I was able to generate massive success (and yes it has to come with massive action!). A little more personal but I hope you enjoy some inspiration from a successful „starting your biz“-story. That lays out what I personally did without suggesting that this is YOUR way of doing business. As always you gotta find what works best for you, your clients & your industry!

Most likely it’s not about building the perfect website, about the greatest logo and colors … but it might involve you getting majorly out of your comfort zone!

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This is a great and inspiring podcast you must listen to!! Go Jenny!!
— mikkimowce_32

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