Episode #7

Creating a strong business foundation and business non-negotiables

Business is supposed to be fun! So much fun! And so much freedom. In order for it to feel like fun and freedom there are certain tasks that I want you to take care of once (and monthly & weekly). YES those might not be the most interesting ones, especially when it comes to legal things, taxes or finances BUT …. better taken care of them once instead of worrying about them daily - am I right? Being fearless comes from being confident and with that comes responsibility. Responsibility for our business!

I also share the tasks that I do on a weekly basis and on a daily basis and I want to challenge YOU to think about those things to. What should you do daily? Work on building your community? Selling? Content creation? Or maybe lead generation? Whatever it is I want you to sit down and think about those things so that you can start every day with focus and KNOW what it is that you want and need to get done.

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