Episode #9

3 steps to mastering sales conversions

Being a good sales person will immensely help you in your business. Creating offers and actually making offers is necessary in order to have a sustainable business.

So how do we do it? In this episode I am breaking down the process of mastering sales conversions in three steps! Mindset, testing and perfecting. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be hard … it can actually be fun!

This is the first of many episodes around selling. There is more to come but we needed to cover the basis! Let me know what you want to hear about more … I am currently thinking: getting leads, closing leads, things to avoid, getting into a daily practice of selling.  

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Jenny‘s podcast is super valuable and full of insight (not only for inspiring entrepreneurs). She is very motivating and encouraging. I love listen to her and can highly recommend it.
— Lena_bckhs

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