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5 Business Activities to Focus on Right Now

We are experiencing a global pandemic which has affected almost all businesses around the world. While no one will ever say that this crisis doesn’t suck, it should not be a reason for you to procrastinate, be miserable and or stop and just wait until this is all over.

You better get used to this situation and step up - asap. Now, more than ever, is a crucial time for us as entrepreneurs to focus on the things that truly matter in our business. Focus because there will be a time after this crisis. And we want our businesses to survive this crisis and to be set up as well as we can imagine it to be.

So, how do you do that?

I do know that a lot of people right now talk about doing all the administrative things, back end stuff in your business ...I think that would be a big, big mistake.

Instead, there are 5 things I would want you to do right now.

Do Sell!

You are a business owner, and obviously, you only make money if you sell. All my clients and I think most people in my community come from a ‘I want to help/serve my community’- mindset when it comes to selling. We don’t sell to sell. We do sell to lift others up.

During a crisis like this one chances are high that you’ll need to adapt your current offers. How can you react and offer something that people need right now? You have to step up and be innovative!

If selling seems icky to you right now, if it feels off. Don’t forget: Come from a place of service. Not selling is a disservice to everyone who needs your help. There are people out there who want and need what it is that you are offering, do show to them what you got.

NOTE: Do make sure to include the link to the podcast episode that goes live on Wednesday, as it is about selling! I would link it right here with a note along the lines of: Make sure to check out our latest podcast Episode, all around identifying money making activities.

Be a rock to your community

Be of service to your community - either in Instagram, podcasts, youtube channel - whichever you belong to! Actively think about what it is that you can do for them during the crisis.

Ask yourself how can you be a leader to the ones who want to hear your voice? How can you show up and give value? Support?

Showing up and being there in this crucial time will not only increase the ‘she was there for me’ feeling for your audience, it will position you as the expert and most likely grow your community at the same time.

Build a strong backbone

Now is the time to create the structures that you are looking to create in your business. Don’t step back and sit back but create.

Instead of working on the next beautiful instagram post, on finishing this one graphic to make it look perfect - why not take the time to think about how you can create scalable offers?

Wouldn’t it be good to create that fully automated funnel bringing in money for you on autopilot?

If you have been scared when it comes to building a full blown funnel, running ads and all those things. NOW IS THE TIME TO LEARN! Learn about the different ingredients that make up a successful funnel. Learn about those things, test small, grow bigger. Play around with running ads, look into conversions for landing pages and all those different things.

Think about automating offers. Think about building an infrastructure that in times like these help you stay calm.

Understand the crucial numbers behind your business

Always know your financial situation. Especially in a crisis like this, but also in general. I know a whole lot of entrepreneurs who do not have their statistics and finances together and this is a big mistake.

Do you think there is any Fortune 500 boss not knowing this within seconds of waking up every morning?

First, finances:

Know your personal and business net wealth: How much do you have all in all? Assets (real estate), stock, on your bank accounts, crypto, cash in your pockets?

Understand your revenue generation. Where does money come in? When? What offers? After what kind of activities? How much have you been making on average for the last three month?

How about your expenses? What expenses are you having at any given month? What are your recurring expenses? What are one off expenses?

What’s your net profit?

Second, look into your relevant business statistics:

What are your conversion rates on your landing page?

What are your buyer rates?

What are opening rates to your emails?

What are stats that have a direct relation to you running a successful business? This could be anything from daily subscribers to the average number of phone calls you are booking.

Get obsessed about those things! So obsessed that at any given time you’ll know what to focus on next when it comes to improving any and all of these statistics.

Now is the time to step up and take charge of all your numbers no matter how big or small your business is.

Educating yourself and hone in on your skill set

Learn, study, self improve! It’s time to read that book or take that course. Now is the time to improve this skill that you wanted to improve.

Don’t forget to invest in yourself. Don’t come from a scarcity mindset of: I don’t know how much money I will be making. If you follow what we've outlined here, you’ll be fine! You can’t expect your clients to buy from you but you are sticking your head in the sand and not investing into yourself.

Invest in yourself, in a course that makes sense to you, in a bootcamp to build that funnel & be a good example to your community that in times like these you are still working on improving constantly. Or maybe you just want to refresh your knowledge in smaller things, go ahead watch the youtube videos.

Like Rachel Hollis likes to say: Every information you need is for free on the internet. So go ahead and make use of it.

So, with these 5 activities in mind, there is no need to panic but definitely time to focus and take action. Don’t let fear consume you.

Never forget that this crisis isn’t only happening to you, it’s happening to everyone and YOU are in charge of how you are reacting to this crisis.

Do not let fear and insecurity take over, and step up as a business owner!

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About Jenny

After quitting her successful yet unfulfilling corporate consulting career Jenny started her own consulting business. Her focus is on helping business owners ditch the overwhelm and grow their businesses strategically through system development, automation and team creation. Jenny is originally from Germany, but after spending 5 years abroad for her Bachelor & Master's degrees, she got the travel bug and now travels full time. 

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