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How to Create Strong Offline Connections

You started an online business! Yay. No more needing to go in front of the door, no more running to meetings, no more client dinners, no more driving to a client, meeting in conference rooms. Exciting, right?

The idea of being able to work with clients all over the world is mesmerizing, from the comfort of your home or if you are like me from any country that you choose to travel to. Remote teams are no longer a total no-go. Isn’t it wild that you can run a business like this?

Spending quite a bit of time and effort online to run your business can be lonely. At the same time, offline connections - be it networking, attending conferences, client meetings, hosting workshops or events or even regularly scheduled talks - should be on every entrepreneurs agenda because it’s not only so much fun it’s also highly lucrative.

Think about it, if you can easily sell to someone online, who has never ever met you, it should be even easier to sell offline as you can create a level of trust much faster.

Let me share some tried and tested activities to connect yourself with the offline world a bit better. It’s time to leave the shoebox that might be our office, leave the safe internet space and meet some peeps! This might just be for the pleasure of meeting people … or signing big deals.

Conferences - People attending the same conference are likely to be interested in the same things and there are plenty of opportunities to talk about each others’ work, needs or so during breaks and evening events. It’s also a very transformative time which makes it easy to bond over similar breakthroughs.

Coworking spaces - by now you might know it already - I love working from coworking spaces and have worked out of over 50 since I started traveling (I’ve even done a whole podcast episode about it). Coworking spaces are one of the easiest ways to connect to like-minded people offline. Often they organize talks or workshops which is a great way to learn new things and meet more people.

Meetups - Find other compatible entrepreneurs by asking in local facebook groups or general travel nomad groups. Or how about hosting your own meet up and getting it listed on I have made some of my best friends traveling while going to meetups and even though it sounds exhausting to do it on a regular basis, whenever I come to a new country I’ll go to 1-2 meetups and then just individually meetup with the people that I like most.

Local Organizations - how about finding local organizations geared towards entrepreneurs or business owners? For example something like LeanIN, a professional women network founded by Sheryl Sandberg. Driven, inspiring people that you get to meet and have amazing conversations with.

It’s easy to be stuck in the bubble and not see what’s out there. There are so many online business owners, especially service driven ones that would highly benefit from connecting offline more.

Making a better effort to connect offline with other entrepreneurs could help in so many ways - you can make friends, create better brand awareness and, if done right, can of course also lead to you signing new clients.


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About Jenny

After quitting her successful yet unfulfilling corporate consulting career Jenny started her own consulting business. Her focus is on helping business owners ditch the overwhelm and grow their businesses strategically through system development, automation and team creation. Jenny is originally from Germany, but after spending 5 years abroad for her Bachelor & Master's degrees, she got the travel bug and now travels full time. 

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