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How to Kick Procrastination in the Butt

What is it we should talk about when it comes to procrastination?

Let me preface this by saying … The most, most, MOST important thing for you to understand is that most often procrastination doesn’t happen because you are lazy.

A lot of people mistake procrastination with being lazy and for most of you that will not be true.

Why? Because you are action takers, you want to build your own business, you want to make this work, so it’s not cause you’re lazy.

So why do we experience procrastination then? Well, for 99% of us it’s because you are afraid, you are fearful, you are overwhelmed.

If you are wanting to start a task, but you realise you are procrastinating on it, ask yourself what is it that’s keeping me from doing this? Write it all down. Break it down.

Invite your fear or your overwhelm in!

Is it because you don’t know what the outcome will be?

Or you’re afraid of what’s going to happen next?

Or you’re afraid of failing? Or succeeding?

As you spend some time writing it down, it’ll become less fearful and instead of being the unknown you’ll realise what it is that is keeping you from doing the task. That is a POWERFUL thing!

Then take a short break and come back to the task. Once you’ve realised now is go time, now is taking action time, now you are done procrastinating, sit down, set yourself a time frame and go ahead and START! There’s no more analysing, there’s no more holding back, there’s just ‘I’m going to go ahead and start right this second’. If this is hard, use the pomodoro technique, which involves setting yourself a timer for a length of time and purely focusing on that one task. I quite often set myself a timer when I really don’t feel motivated to start, once I’ve started I realise I can go, go, go. Often it’s just overcoming the first few minutes that stops us from starting.

Once you have started and you took the first steps to achieving this task or maybe you’ve even accomplished everything you wanted to do, REWARD yourself.

Celebrate your progress! Celebrate that you’ve actually achieved what you set out to achieve.

The reward part is CRUCIAL, this motivates you for next time, as again you will know when you’ve finished the task you will celebrate. You will be celebrating yourself and you’ll be super proud of yourself for actually getting things done.

So what are the key things when it comes to procrastination?

First of all: focus, focus, focus.

If you have overwhelm and fear coming in, ask yourself where is it coming from?

Also, ask yourself, why is it relevant in this moment for me to do this task?

If we know why, then it is easier for us to see the intention and why we have to get it done. You will understand what you’ll achieve if you get the task done, which is super motivating.

So get yourself into knowing your focus, knowing your why and also realise that it is NOT your fault. It’s not cause you’re lazy, it’s because you’re leaving your comfort zone, you’re growing something, you’re growing your business, you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to do. Overwhelm, fear, etc is all a natural by-product.

It’s about how we deal with it.


It’s about not letting procrastination decide how we should be running our business.

So get focused and then START. Start somewhere, start on the first step, even if it’s tiny. If it’s a really big task, break it down into smaller items, break it down into a to-do list which feels more comfortable for you to achieve.

Also, if you have problems with time management in general, here is the link to a Facebook Live I done. In this live I introduced a system I’ve been using for the last couple of years and it’s been super helpful for me.

Do you feel ready to kick procrastination in the butt now?


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About Jenny

After quitting her successful yet unfulfilling corporate consulting career Jenny started her own consulting business. Her focus is on helping business owners ditch the overwhelm and grow their businesses strategically through system development, automation and team creation. Jenny is originally from Germany, but after spending 5 years abroad for her Bachelor & Master's degrees, she got the travel bug and now travels full time. 

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