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Why choosing a priority will increase your productivity

How often do you find yourself wanting to get things done with a busy schedule but ultimately saying “Where did the time go? How am I ever going to get things done at this pace?”

If you are anything like the average person - and even more so, if you are a hardworking person with big dreams and goals - these are very common questions! Achieving productivity in the midst of busyness is a real struggle for most.

How you choose to manage your time matters.

The main issue for hardworking people, especially entrepreneurs, rests on the fact that they hold multiple responsibilities in their hands, making their days incredibly busy. And to make things a bit more complicated, there exists the self-inflicted pressure that everything needs to get done at the same time due to how much there is to do!

This type of unstructured working mindset tends to lead to an inability to focus and ultimately stagnation - causing less things to actually get done in a day and responsibilities to continue to pile up higher and higher.

Efficiency is an important practice in learning how to master your time. Sadly, a lot of people lack an understanding in it and could regrettably never grasp it in their lifetime. Fortunately, it is possible to get out of the inefficiency loop in a way that allows hardworking people to create extraordinary days lived to their full potential.

The first step to an efficient day with a busy schedule is to recognize the two main reasons why people are NOT getting as much done as they intend to:

first, they find ALL the excuses to not do something when it can be done, and

second, they don’t quite know how to prioritize and organize their days (which in itself could be an excuse!).

The key to understanding how to achieve an extraordinary day is to know that people have power over how they choose to spend their time.

Consider this question: what is one thing the most influential and powerful people in the world such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and (enter person who you admire here) have in common with others?

They have exactly the same number of hours in a day that everyone does. The same 24 hours. The full 1,440 minutes.

However, what makes them extraordinary in comparison to other people is how they choose to spend that time.

The importance of exercising focus and setting a priority.

So admittedly, what does it really mean when you say “I don’t have time for _____?”

It simply means you are not choosing

to make whatever you are talking about a priority.

Let this sink in for a moment… In order to achieve something, you first have to declare it a priority in your life!

The first step is to have an overview of the things that need to get done and understand what needs to be made into a priority. What we need to realize is that focus will always equal growth, so prioritize the things where you want to see growth in such as your business, relationships, and health!

Then, actively structure the responsibilities of the day and align the required actions to that focus.

Consider your business. Where do you focus your time?

  • In complaining?

  • In freaking out about irrelevant things?

  • In perfecting a website?

  • In contemplating about a proposal?

In fact, 99% of the time entrepreneurs complain about not making enough money, but when looked into a little deeper, they actually spend less than 20 minutes a day selling something!

This is an interesting example to consider when thinking about the inefficiency problem.

There is real power in actively setting a priority for what we want in our lives and what we don’t. People have the choice to either lose or win the opportunity for efficiency and productivity in any given day.

Recognize, prioritize, restructure, and put words into action.

Learning how to master efficiency is a great place to start in building the life we know we have the potential to live.


If you aren’t running a multiple six figure business working less than 5 hours a day yet… we created the perfect training for you: The Business Productivity Bootcamp. Walk away knowing EXACTLY how to organize your business to get things done and make time for what matters most to you. I’ll promise you - these are the best $79 spend in a loooooong time (or you get your money back!)




About Jenny

After quitting her successful yet unfulfilling corporate consulting career Jenny started her own consulting business. Her focus is on helping business owners ditch the overwhelm and grow their businesses strategically through system development, automation and team creation. Jenny is originally from Germany, but after spending 5 years abroad for her Bachelor & Master's degrees, she got the travel bug and now travels full time. 

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