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Look at you, you are doing it!

Running that business of yours, despite everyone telling you that online businesses aren’t really a thing. You started, you probably struggled along the way, and yet here you are - making money with a service you care about!

photos of women

But something is off. You feel far from “having made it”. Sure, you’re proud of what you’ve done, but sometimes you feel so far away from achieving your vision.


You dream of



You know that you didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Chances are … you have been trying for a while.

You started your business with drive and dreams and have already seen some success; Signed a couple of clients, ran one or more low-ticket offers, experienced the tingling feeling of “professional fulfillment”, maybe even seen some consistent revenue come in …

the problem?

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Your dream vision doesn’t look anything like what your business looks like right now.

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Signing another client often feels like a fluke… NOT like you are in charge and steering your ship to hit those next revenue and business goals.

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At this point, you might even feel a little silly that you have no clear system for repeatable success and don’t know what to do about it.

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(Not to mention no clear plan of HOW you will achieve those massive goals you journal about.)

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Overall, it just feels much harder than you expected and you know that if you are truly going to create your dream life, something needs to change.

Most likely you find yourself in one of those scenarios:


You have been busy creating a bunch of different offers: low ticket, mid ticket, maybe even high ticket … some of them are selling but none of them are selling consistently and you are definitely far away from consistent revenue months. At least some of your clients are not your ideal clients and you might even feel like you have to chase them to help them get results… wah wah not ideal.


You are busy building all the infrastructure: Building out the curriculum, a great funnel, maybe you have even done a webinar or run ads. But somehow things aren’t working, are they?


You might be focusing on one high ticket offer but it’s not selling
or let me say it isn’t selling consistently or in a way that you can trust that $$ is coming in… when it does sell it seems like a fluke or it might have been your sister’s best friend who bought it.

What do all of these situations

have in common though?


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One that you can trust to consistently make you good money - (& let’s start with $10k months first but make sure we are getting you on a trajectory for those $15k and $20k months!).


Jenny arrows.png

You know that a high ticket offer (whether that’s a 1:1, group offer, DFY, DWY offer) that sells consistently (not just randomly a couple of times a year) will give you not only the freedom you are looking for but also peace of mind.

And even though you do know that this is what you want it still feels a little intimidating… and the same questions keep popping up:

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What could a high ticket offer look like that I feel CONFIDENT and EXCITED to sell?

Ellipse 6.png

How could a high ticket offer look like that I cannot wait to obsess about?

Ellipse 6.png

HOW do I find my ideal clients and then how do I sign them?

Ellipse 6.png

And how the heck do I stop talking to low-ticket people and attract those ALL IN clients?

If you resonate with ANY of this, then I am so glad you are on this page.

Because this is exactly what we want to help you with!

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Join us on this journey to building a business that truly works for YOU - with the current lifestyle you have, the dreams you want to achieve and your personal preference.

This means NO cookie-cutter strategy or generic business blueprints will be given.

Keep reading if you can put a hand up to:

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You have already started your service based business and are already way ahead of the dreamers who have yet to start. You are a DOER.

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You are an expert in your niche, you have been learning / studying around it for years, you do know your sh*t, see the results you help people achieve, and now it’s time to make a whole lot of money with it

Icons for Jenny Watzka.png

You at least have a clear-ish idea of who you want to help and have likely sent out some initial offers to those people.

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You WANT more, you are excited for more & that more is a combination of more revenue, more clients, and- most importantly- more freedom (whether that’s for traveling more, spending more time with your family, or just having more space in your life)

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You declared and committed that you are done with unpredictable revenue months. This is your time to accelerate your business growth and you want a clear plan for your goals and your business challenges to make it happen.

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You’re tired of cookie-cutter and overly complicated business development plans that require you to execute seemingly endless steps before you ever see the income that you want.

It’s not that you can’t succeed on your own. You can. But you want to grow more and faster than you currently are - I get it!


You want the personalized support with a system tailored to YOU so that it's almost impossible to fail and your success becomes hard to avoid.

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It’s time to show yourself that you
CAN HAVE the business results that you have been dreaming of.

You DO NOT have to stay stuck at your current income level even if you don’t want to work more than you already are…

You CAN make it work with high ticket offers even if you have tried to sell high OR low ticket offers before and it didn’t work.

You CAN consistently sell high ticket offers even if you are not in a “money-making” industry (aka business coach, sales, or marketing) and yes even if you don’t have a huge audience ready to buy.

This is journey that the we'll take you on:


Create High-Ticket Offer

Money NOW

Rinse and Repeat

Step 1: Creating A High Ticket Offer You Are Obsessed With ($2k+)

We will teach you exactly how to come up with your offer, how to package your offer, how to price your offer - you name it!

Step 2: Make Money in the Now

We’ll prioritize signing clients asap without needing complicated funnels first. We’ll look into how to leverage any existing network (yes even an email list of 100 people or less!) and identify and approach low-hanging fruits.

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Step 3: Consistent Long-Term Lead Generation

This is all about creating your rinse and repeat lead generation plan, the idea of: what works for YOU? Your lifestyle, your preferences, your offer, your audience. Together we’ll define action oriented activities that are easily repeated every week / month and will make sure to give you the traction needed in order to sign clients every single month.

So, how do we actually support you to achieve results?

Keep reading to see what working together will look like…

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Customized Strategy For Consistent Clients

Let’s find your Rinse and Repeat Lead Generation strategy: Clearly defining activities that you can repeat weekly and monthly that will generate clients for YOU specifically (your offer, your niche, your personality, your life circumstances).

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In-depth Roadmap Call

We’ll kick off by creating a plan for the next 4 months together: where are you now? Where do you want to be? And based on that mapping out your roadmap to success. Step by step - overwhelm will be a faint memory of the past.

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Daily Support to Answer all your Questions

Every day Support through Slack: get all your strategy & mindset questions answered within 24 hours - making sure you always get to execute. Plus of course access to our team, any and all systems & processes you may need.

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Hot Seat Coaching Calls

Want to speak through your current situation with Jenny? Small group calls to cover your unique challenges: getting through your mindfuc*s, tweaking your strategy so that it works for you, breaking down next steps… you got it!

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Action Oriented Course Curriculum

The most important strategic pieces recorded in videos: Short. Focused. Assigned to you. This is what the curriculum is like - as we all know that a business isn’t built by watching videos (and who enjoys 150 hours of content anyway?).

monthly evaluation call
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Monthly Planning & Evaluation Call

Stepping up the CEO game: what actions you took & how you’ve felt he last month & then together map out what we want the new month to look like, making sure that you are crystal clear on what next steps to take in order to hit your goal.

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Your Own Cheerleader Squad

Ready to celebrate you at every step of the way … because guess what? Over here we understand crazy dreams, the importance of an unshakable mindset & willingness to make it happen. We all know that we are stronger together!

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"Ask us Anything" - Tech

Never ever being stopped by tech: No idea how to connect Convertkit with Kajabi? (insert the gazillion questions that come up any given week) Me neither! That’s why we hired help to get us through any and all of those questions fast.

We work to elevate experts into the income they deserve…

We are very proud to say that Slay $10k is not just another business coaches coaching business coaches on how to become business coaches program.

We work with experienced experts from a diverse range of industries, such as:

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Interior Design

Financial Education

Cyber Security


Ghost Writing

Management Systems

Book Coaching

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Career Development

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Happiness Coaching

Icons for Jenny Watzka.png

Wealth Creation

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Voice Coaching

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Feng Shui

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Website Design

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Dog Training


Our clients are also currently spread across 11 different countries, with ages ranging from 28 to 63.

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Client Wins

What our clients are saying about working with us?

FROM $4k to $20k MONTHS

Kimberly G. - Profit Coach

I was overwhelmed by constantly creating low ticket offers to get people into my programs.

Enter Jenny. We simplified so much and together worked on creating an irresistible high ticket offer that I love. I went from having a multitude of offers to one high ticket and one downsell offer. 

I went from making between $4-6k per month with a handful of offers to now $20k+ months and most important: I have more time available for my family and my clients are driven and doing the work and getting the wins as a result! Thanks to Jenny, my business is finally doing what I intended it to do. I’ve never been happier!!

Jenny quote black.png


Jodi G. - Leadership and Personal Branding Expert

Before, I was burnt out from trying to do too many things in my business and from not actually being clear about what any of those things should actually be.

Jenny helped me to get super clear about what I wanted; to create a consistent (and simple) lead gen & marketing plan, and to have confidence in my offering.

Within a few WEEKS I’d sold my first high tiket 1-1 offer at $7k, and then I was able to launch a group program and bring in 13 people, resulting in over $20k, followed by my first $40k month!

I’m feeling so much more calm, confident and in control as a CEO of my business.

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We know that you know you are meant for more.

You may have been disappointed in the past with failed investments, mentors that let you down, or even with yourself not following through on your goals or the plans you had set out to achieve.

It is our entire mission to help you change that.

We pledge to not give you inspirational fluff, cookie cutter models that won’t work for you, nor (god forbid) ever blame your lack of success on you.

A word from our heart to yours:

Jenny quote black.png

If you are invited to join our program, it will be because we can see that
your                 is inevitable, and we are determined to help you activate it.



Taina P. - Business Systems Expert

I had tried to build revenue from selling very low-ticket offers (such as some templates priced at 27 bucks!) in funnels that were only generating losses for me.

We created an extremely enticing high-ticket offer that I felt excited and confident about. Now I have already sold my high ticket offer to several ideal clients and gotten glowing testimonials.

The key was to find a consistent lead generation process that works for me (as a busy mom!) - thanks Jenny for making sure we got it!

I can honestly say that investing in Jenny’s support has been the best business decision I have made so far.

Jenny quote black.png


Bettina B. - Career Success Coach

First Jenny helped me fill my 1:1 program with ideal clients to a point that I was working with 15 clients at the same time - as a busy mom I knew I needed a more scalable business. 

With Jenny, I did what I never thought possible for myself. I recorded my career course, created a webinar to sell it, set up the entire funnel A-Z, including my very first ads... and made 5 figures in the first 4 weeks with it.

Jenny, thank you for being in this together, be my rock when I'm exhausted and always  and ALWAYS showing me step by step how to achieve my goals.

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Slay $10k is a 4-month commitment

Your investment is

$2,000 per


$7,000 in

Save $1,000 when you pay in full!

If you prefer to talk with us again to make sure that Slay $10k is your best next step, book a call right here.

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Will you join our client success
wall, too?

Client Wins We're Celebrating

Headline $20k In the First Month In the Mastermind-min.jpeg

From $6k months
to $20k+ months

$10k in one month with us!_edited.jpg

$10k in one month
with us!

Valentina's first high-ticket client!.png

Valentina's first
high-ticket client

Closed a $5k client

Headline Closed A $5k Client-min.jpeg

13 high ticket clients

13 high ticket clients signed!!.png
4 clients in one week.png

4 clients in one week

First $10k month EVER.jpg

First $10k month EVER

An $11k day!

An $11k day!.png
Signed First Client!.png

Signed First Client!

4 New $4k Clients!.png

4 New $4k Clients!

114 sign ups!.png

11 sales calls booked

Immediate Sale!.png

Immediate Sale!

Doubled her rate!.png

Doubled her rate!

First sales call!.png

First sales call!

$14k revenue month (on the 9th of the month).jpg

$14k revenue month
(on the 9th of the month)

First high ticket client in first sales call.png

First high ticket client
in first sales call

Mastermind has been a game changer!.jpg

Mastermind has been a game changer

Headline Feeling Fully Supported-min.jpeg

Feeling Fully Supported

This Mastermind is the best experience I've ever had.png

"This Mastermind is the best experience I've ever had"

_I feel like I_ve accomplished more in two weeks than the whole year so far._.jpg

More done in 2 weeks
than the year prior

First client in the first 3 weeks!.jpg

First client
in the first 3 weeks!

$10k months are the new normal.jpg

$10k months
are the new normal

First high ticket client signed!

First high ticket client signed!
$20k 10 days into the month.png

$20k 10 days into the month

Second client booked two coaching sessions.png

Second client booked two coaching sessions

Reached Revenue Goal and Feels Confident about Offer.jpg

Reached Revenue Goal and
Feels Confident about Offer

It's been so unbelieveable what I've achieved.png

"It's been so unbelieveable
what I've achieved"

Signed First Client!.png

First High Ticket
Client Signed!

Headline Published in Dream Magazine-min.jpeg

Published in Dream Magazine

New 1 on 1 Client and 2 Corporate Clients.png

New 1 on 1 Client
and 2 Corporate Clients

$10k in 30 Days!.jpeg

$10k in 30 Days!

16k In Revenue!.png

16k In Revenue!

First month with us at $7k (used to be $4k!).png

First month with us at $7k
(used to be $4k!)

client bought my course.JPG

Repeatedly selling her program

signed a new client.JPG

New client signed!

Sold her program on Instagram.png

Sold her program
on Instagram

  • How will I know that I am the perfect client for this?
    Are you ready for more? Whether that is more revenue, more fulfillment, more clients, more time and aren’t afraid to claim that? Do you thrive when together we are creating your customized roadmap, can say goodbye to overwhelm and instead follow our step by step approach? Are you excited to be in the environment of other women crushing it? Of mentors who have been in your shoes before and are ready to serve you fully? … Then you already are!
  • Who Slay $10k is NOT for?
    It is not for you if right now it’s not a priority to you to grow your business your way. It’s not for you if you don’t like strategy, if you want to free flow everything. It is not for you if you don’t want to have a high ticket offer. It is not for you if you think you already know it all (why don’t you have it all then?). It’s not for you if you don’t appreciate feedback or aren’t coachable.
  • What if I don’t feel like an expert or still feel like I’m developing my expertise?
    You and me both! Honestly, I keep a running list of things I still want to learn and get better at… but it’s the idea of: You didn’t just wake up yesterday and said: “This is what I am going to do, this is what my business will be about.” But you have been honing in on your craft AND you have worked with clients before that were happy with your work.
  • Will this work with my time zone?
    It will! We are constantly replying to questions on Slack every single day and will be here with you every step of the way. And all calls are taking place twice a week so that we are covering the majority of all time zones in a time-friendly way and so you don’t need to wake up at 4am to join.
  • I haven’t been able to sell low ticket offers yet, is this for me?
    Are you an expert in your field? Do you know what you are doing? Have your clients been happy with you? Then yes! You don’t need to have experience in selling high ticket offers as long as you have started your business already and got your feet wet!
  • I am not sure whether this is the right time- what if I want to join but I can’t start immediately?
    Don’t you worry about it! If you see this sales page up this means there is a spot for you. You can reserve it now and start in 2 months from now - no problem.
  • How big is the group?
    This is an open-enrollment program, so group size will always be different. But honestly, it also doesn’t matter. Our standard is that you can wake us up in the middle of the night and we know exactly what YOUR biggest mindf*cks are right now, where you are at in terms of the roadmap, what your next steps are etc. Calls are held in a way that everyone will have a chance to speak up and be heard. We SEE you, for YOU.
  • I have more questions - who do I ask?
    Either message Jenny on Facebook or Insta directly or book a call with our head coach, Sophie.


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Slay $10k is a 4-month commitment

Your investment is

$2,000 per


$7,000 in

Save $1,000 when you pay in full!

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