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I help online entrepreneurs make their first $100k selling their digital offers on autopilot. Ready to turn your business into a well-oiled money making machine?

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Two years ago I left my successful - but overworked and under fulfilled - corporate consulting career to run my own multiple six-figure business, travel the world, work 3 hours a day and prioritize having fun & living life to the fullest. 

Sounds impossible? Well, that’s what everyone else said.

Thankfully I didn’t buy into this and instead of wondering ‘what if’ I went ahead and actively started creating my dream life. Today I’m living proof that yes you can have everything you want - so why wouldn’t it be possible for you, too? 

Hi,  I'm Jenny!

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Multiple five-figure months. Working 3-5 hours a day. Passive income. Having fun. Great client results. 


These are all the things that my clients want in their business. Ultimately they want FREEDOM. Monetary and time: making more $$$ while working less. And if you are wondering … yes, I’m 100% convinced that this is possible for YOU, too. Let’s join forces!


What Past Clients Are Saying

"Running my business was hard before working with Jenny. I had all the ideas and frequently wanted to pivot and change things up when I ran into a roadblock. I was close to giving up multiple times. 


Now I create regular $20k months with ease & fun. Jenny helped me create the team, systems, and strategies needed to allow me to sell out my programs like hotcakes, while always making sure I stay focused and keep my overwhelm low. Oh, and of course not work like a crazy person - time freedom is immensely important to me. 


I know that my business would not be where it is now if it wasn't for Jenny. 


It was amazing to work with her, she is the best strategist and mentor. I recommend working with her 100%!"


Update: By now Jeanine has successfully scaled her business to generate $100k / month -  congratulations! Always so proud of all students."

Jeanine H. - Female Money Coach

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