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What Past Clients Are Saying

CHAU - founder of Fresh Brand & Marketing Agency 

Collective testimonial of past, awesome clients!


Jeanine, founder of Effektvoll & keynote speaker

'It was amazing to work with Jenny, she is the best strategist! Before working with her I was lost and unfocused with 1000 things to do in my business that I didn’t follow through. She came in with the grand plan in mind, breaking it down into small steps to keep my overwhelm low, always there to give me direction & kicking me in the butt. I know that my business would not be where it is now if it wasn't for Jenny. I can recommend working with her 100%!’


Zaza, psychologist & empowerment coach

’After only a few calls I moved my business forward more than I could’ve ever imagined to be possible. Now I have a vision, tools, structure and someone to consult with and rely on! It’s priceless for me to haver her on my team. From the first moment I spoke with her I knew that she’s the only one I want to work with and my results are confirming that I made the right choice.’


Rebekah, founder of OBM Agency

’Y’all… talk with Jenny. It should be non-negotiable! My mind is blown. She’s human and down to earth and ain’t afraid to tell you it like it is. And we ALL need to hear what she has to say. If you haven’t yet connected with her, and if you’re looking for a coach/strategist/kick-in-the-pants person, reach out to her. She’s amazing!’


Chau, founder of Fresh Brand & Marketing Agency

’Working with Jenny was mind-blowing. She is such a powerhouse in anything she does and brings so much energy and knowledge to the table. She came up with the big plan, had the workflows and techniques in place to completely transform my branding business to set me up for longterm success. Her sincerity, energy and wisdom… I cannot thank you enough, Jenny!’


Sabrina, Manifestation Coach

’Thank you, Jenny!! I highly recommend working with Jenny, she truly is a jewel in this industry. Not only is she excellent at what she does but very real, full of integrity and with a big heart. Jenny has allowed me to come that far and helped me to remain laser focused on this journey.’


Nicolle, Business Coach

’Within our first call Jenny took me from unsure, overwhelmed and directionless to realizing that I AM capable, that I DO have what it takes and I CAN achieve my goals. Her high vibe energy is contagious, a true go getter who really, truly wants to bring out the best CEO in everyone she speaks to.’